Interior design is often exciting. Carrying out special space for a person’s life with the help of lighting settings which create emotions in little moments of our everyday life transforming them into pleasant and peaceful moments is positive for the spirit of people who live there and absolutely satisfying for us who made it real.


Light projects of sales space is one of the complex sectors of lighting design.

The right temperature of the colour of light source, the highest level of lighting every product, the aesthetic of the light system, the visual comfort of the consumers and sales assistants make this space a field where experience is essential to get good results.


Lighting of workplaces must always consider legal aspects which regulate the conditions of work of the people.

The right choice of the light source, its efficiency and resistance against external agents, the right level of light, the reduced level of glare with the right degree of colour rendering are basic elements for the correct projecting of different workplaces.


Lighting design of buildings with high artistic merit is an important part of our projecting.

The history of the artifact which needs lighting together with the identification of the central part of the work which might be purely artistic or structural, the coating material and its reaction to the light, the level of the background lighting indicate the basic points of the correct project interpretation that each work should have to get the best exploitation.


Systems of dynamic regulation of the light with a change of light flow and colour temperature according to the seasons and time of day have shown benefits of production and physical and mental well-being of people living or working in the artificially lit space.
On a demand we project lighting systems with dynamic light tailor made on the precise demand of the client to get the highest level of comfort.

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